Banganga Fair


Bairath, Jaipur (Dist.).

Main Attraction:

200 year old fair. Traditional Art and Craft shopping. Variety of swings and food for kids as well as for adults.

Dates 2014:

14th May 2014. ( Vaishakh Poornima – full moon day, according to hindu calendar. Which
generally false in the month of April – May)

How to reach:

From Jaipur, timely bus services to Bairath. One can reach to alwar via train and
then also can move to bairath.

Indian state Rajasthan is a full fledge garden of fairs and festivals. Each and every day i celebrated here as some event or festival in any of the part of Rajasthan. Banganga Fair is one of the beautiful flowers of that bouquet. This fair is a beautiful example of that pure eternal bonding between god and pilgrims. It is the remarkable example of how people of India live up their belief as every river; mountain or a part of stone is GOD. And this belief helps us to live fearlessly and lively that every tiny story related to any place, river even a small streamlet become pure and we do worship them, as it connects us directly to GOD.

Banganga Fair held at Bairath which is 85 km from Jaipur. The main location is a banganga streamlet, which is near radha Krishan Temple. This temple and streamlet is situated 11 km from Biarath. This is one of the biggest in no of pilgrims and oldest fairs. Although this fair is not very popular among tourists but holds a special place among the local masses. The main attraction of the fair is that streamlet in which people come and take a holy dip and cleanses their soul and get rid of sins.

Like Many other big fairs which has lots of advertisements and big sponsers which attracts tourists towards them, this fair is a simple and pure bonding between god followers. You will not find any glitters attracting big shots of tourism but will find a local feel devotion of religious people toward the sacred river and will be mesmerized with their zeal for soul cleansing. This whole experience is beyond the traditional routine tourism.

It is believed that around 200 years ago in the time of epic Mahabharat, Pandu son, Arjuna created this streamlet with his arrow (Ban). According to the epic when Bhishma pitamah, was on arrow bed, that time when he felt thirsty he asked Arjuna for water. Arjuna with his arrow made a streamlet in the earth and fulfill the wish. As this was made by arrow ( ban in hindi) so it was named as “banganga”. From that time people consider this streamlet as a holy way

to clear their sin and to purify the soul. As the whole incident was on Vaishkha poornima , so every year on this day Banganga fair takes place. Vaishakha is second month according to Hindu calendar and Poornima is consider as full moon. Vaishkha falls during the April – may in western calendar.

Devotees come from various part of Rajasthan and surroundings, take the holy dip and pray for wellness and happiness for them and their relatives and dear ones. In the morning time people go to Radha kishan temple pray and get the internal relaxation. This whole thing and time is so peaceful and relaxing that it can not be described in words. One can only come here and feel this here by own. Major pilgrims come here from Bharatpur, Alwar, Bahror, jaipur and local surroundings. It is not like that this place is famous only for Radha govind temple and the rivulet. There are so many other places and temples to roam around. Goswami Math, Shiv temple, hanuman Temple and ganga Bihari temple are one of the finest example of traditional carving of that time.

Like any other important fair banganga is not exceptional for traders and goods sellers. Traders from local surroundings and cities come here to get recognition for their goods and items. The place is full of lots of variety of goods for kids to adults. Different swings, giant wheels, marry-0go-rounds are the main attraction for kids as well as other people. But kids have many other things to cherish on as sweets, cheap plastic toys, lots of dresses and ornaments to accessorize them. The traditional stuff here take the pilgrims and travelers nearer to the culture of rajasthan. If you are a ornament or accessory lover then you will find yourself in between the big fat market of different varieties of local jewellery. Big danglers, Necklaces, bangles, local mojaries, you will find at least something for you. These eye catching ornaments, colorful dresses, beautiful and simple people and local language will defiantly attract you and leave a life time memory on your mind.

Bairath is fully connected to Jaipur and Alwar by road. It is at a diversion at national highway no 8 near Shahpura, which connects to Alwar. It is well connected by roadways and private buses from jaipur and Alwar and a good timely service helps you to reach their. For banganga Bus goes till Maith and from there one can take local transportation to banganga. Or else an easy approach would be to take a private taxi from Alwar or jaipur.

This is not really a fair, where you can get all luxury but surely a place where you will get to know the actual Rajasthan with real and fair people with deep faith in GOD.

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