Amber or Amer Fort



Built In:



Historical Monument and Spiritual Place.

Major Attraction:

Wall Paintings and Sheesh Mahal.

Best Time to Visit:

August to April.

Must See:

Shila Mata Temple and Royal Courtyards.

Major Attraction:

Elephant ride to the Fort is a memorable experience which gives you the Royal feeling of King.

Amber also known as Amer is located at a distance of 11 km from Jaipur city. Earlier it was used as old fort of the Kachhwaha clan of Amber. It used to be their capital, till it was moved to Jaipur. The walls and the ceiling of the Mahal are covered with a beautiful array of mirrors, which reflect any streak of light, so as to illuminate the entire room. Located 9 Kms north west of Jaipur, the Amber Fort was once the Capital of the Minas.

The construction of the Amber Fort began in the year 1592 and was started by Man Singh I, but it was finished by his descendant Jai Singh I. The exterior of the Fort is not in the least like its interiors. The outside is very imposing and rugged looking whereas the inside is a comforting and warm interior which is influenced by both Hindu and Muslim style of ornamentation. On the walls, are paintings depicting various hunting scenes, and there is also a lot of work on walls, which are covered with intricate carving, mosaic and minute mirror work that make the halls look very majestic and imperial.

The fort is built with white marble and red sandstone and look even more attractive because of the Maota Lake in the foreground. The fort itself is a beautiful sight to behold but as one looks on the fort with its clear reflection on the lake in the front, one cannot help but wonder if it is a dream or a beautiful illusion.

Amber Fort also called as the Amer Fort is a must-see place if you are visiting Rajasthan. The tourists to this fort can either approach the fort by road or take an elephant ride, which though is quite slow yet is a lot of fun.

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