Deogarh Fort


5 Kms from Deogarh,Udaipur,Rajasthan.

Built In:

17th Century


Historical Monument.

Major Attraction

Ancient Village and Desert.

Best Time to Visit:

August to April.

Must See:

Udaipur is the near by big city also known as City of Lakes.Famous for its hospitality welcomes you entice yourself.

Major Attraction:

Paintings and scripture.

The Rawats of Deogarh weer one of Chiefs of Mewar (Udaipur). They controlled some 255 villages around deogarh. The only way to control the large domain was by having small forts spread around the territory . One such fort is situated at 05kms from Deogarh. this fort Seeng Sagar was built in the mid of 17th century as a recreation cum shooting lodge. The paionting made by bakhta renown painter of Deogarh gives a true feel of the history that this fort has seen. Today the family recreates the feel that Bhakhta once projected in his painting.

A drrive of 5kms from Deogarh mahal thorugh rocky and terain and past the ruins of the deserted ancient village of Manpura leeds up to the village of Mandawada. Rising out from beyond the rocks the island fortress of Seeng Sagar is awe-inspiring

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