Elephant Polo

Location: Jaipur.
Organizer: Tour Operator or Rajasthan Government Tourism.
Charges: 50,000 Rs (For Fixed Duration Per Elephant).
Booking: Must be booked in advance.
Best Season: Winter and Festivals.
Major Attractions: Running Elephants,Dressed elephants,Designs on Elephants.
How to Reach: Jaipur is a metro city and hence connected well with Air ways,railways and Road Ways.Private Taxi's are also available.

Polo is also played on the back of elephants in Rajasthan. Although, it is not a serious sport, but still attracts the people as polo is a fast game and it is played on the elephants who can hardly move as fast in the confined space of a stadium. It is very amusing to watch the elephant polo. The elephant polo can also be specially organized on request and competition are arranged annually at Chaugan Stadium in Jaipur during the festival of Holi (February-March).

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