Horse Polo

Location: Jaipur.
Organizer: Polo Ground Authority.
Charges: May Vary As per the bookings.
Booking: Prior Confirmation must be taken.
Best Season: Evenings,Winters.
Major Attractions: Well dressed horses and horses running.
How to Reach: Jaipur is a metro city and hence connected well with Air ways,railways and Road Ways.Private Taxi's are also available.Bikaner is also having a vast road and rail trasnportation system.

Polo is the most fascinating sport of elites in Rajasthan. A formidable horse polo playing family belongs to Jaipur, and the last Maharaja of the state also died with his spurs on, on a polo field. Polo is such an exciting sport that it excites even a spectator who knows a little about the game. The polo is a glamorous game and draw international publicity for India. Along with Jaipur, some polo teams are also located in Jodhpur and Udaipur, while the 61st Cavalry, also based in Jaipur, has kept it alive in the army. It is not possible to simply arrive and start playing polo, since the sport needs special breed of large number of horses. These horses are largely maintained by the players themselves, or with the help of their sponsors. In this play, the men on their horses, move the ball with their sticks with great skill. So, you are requested to send a special request in advance to the concerned authorities to play, before planning your trip to Rajasthan. Even if you do not get the chance to play, you can also watch the sport as a spectator, which is almost as good as playing.

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