Jhalawar Fort



Built In:

Year 1796


Historical Monument.

Major Attraction:

Artifical lake and Chandrabhaga Temple.

Best Time to Visit:

August to April.

Must See:

Kota is the big city near by famous for its Chambal River.Visit to Kota is worth wise.

Major Attraction:

Rein Basera,Bhawani Natyashala,Government Museum.

Jhalawar is situated south of Kota in Rajasthan. It was known as Brijnagar in the olden days. Today, the main town of Jhalawar it is known as Patan or Jhalrapatan. It was founded by the side of an artificial lake by Zalim Singh in 1796. Jhalawar literally means the land of Jhalas- a clan of brave Chauhan Rajput warriors. The place has valiant past and unexplored treasures of history. This region draws people interested in adventure and scholars of history.

The state of Kota was dismembered by the British to create a new principality of Jhalawar. This was done for the benefit of the descendents of Zalim Singh. In the same year, Madan Singh acknowledged British supremacy and signed a treaty. He became the first ruler of Jhalawar and got the title of Maharaj Rana.

Jhalawar has rich historic as well as natural wealth. The fort of Jhalawar is a famous tourist destination. This fort shows close association between men and their close possession. This fort may be rugged from the outer side but will take you to altogether different world from the inside. The interiors are very beautiful and are rich in art and architecture. The architecture of the fort is marvelous and magnificent. It is a reminder of the great ancient culture and heritage of the place. It has its own history and tales about bravery of its occupants and the beauty is timeless. The Jhalawar fort is located in the heart of the city. Maharaja Rana Madan Singh built the fort during 1840-45. This fort is commonly referred as Garh Palace.

It has some very beautiful mirror works and frescos on the walls of the Zenane khas or the women's quarters. The Zenane Khas is adorned with beautiful paintings and give you a glimpse of the art in those days. The fort houses the collectorate and other government offices at present. You can obtain permission to see the paintings and other parts of the fort from the collector..

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