Khatu Shyam Fair


Khatushyam-Sikar, Rajasthan

Main Attraction:

The legend connects the fair to Lord Krishna and his devotee Barbarik.

Dates 2014:

01 -04 March. From Phalgun Sudi Dashmi (10th day of the lunar month) to Phalgun Sudi Dwadashi (12th day of the lunar month) according to the Hindu calendar. For three days in February or March.


Thousands of devotees visit the temple during this annual fair, many of them for performing the \'Jadula\' ceremony of their children, where the child \'s head is shaven clean for the first time. An interesting legend attaches itself to this place of pilgrimage. During the time of Mahabharata, before the big battle, the grandson of Bhima approached Pandavas and Lord Krishna and asked them to let him fight for them. After a test of his strength, Lord Krishna felt that he was too powerful and if he participates in the battle, everything will be finished off too quickly and will not be actually a justice. So he disguised himself as a Brahmin and asked Barbarik for his head as \'daan\' (charity). Barbarik complied and cut off his head. Krishna was pleased with the sacrifice and blessed him so that he could watch the whole battle from the hillock, where his head was places. Lord Krishna also blessed him that in Kaliyug, he would be worshipped as Shyam (Lord Krishna) himself.

The fair is a showcase of the religious rituals and traditions of the local people.

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