Mahaveer Ji Festival


Mahaveer Ji, Rajasthan

Main Attraction:

Rath Yatra

Dates 2014:

08-15 April


A sacred place to Digambar Jains, followers of Mahaveer ji, they come from far off places to pay their homage to the venerated saint at the Mahaveerji temple, situated in an enclosure known as \'Katala\'. It is said that a leather worker dug the image of Mahaveer Swami here from \'Devta-Ka-Tila\' (a nearby hillock). Besides the images of other Jain tirthankaras and Bhairon\'s idol as the guardian, there is also a marble \'Man- Stambha\' (tower of glory) in front of the temple.

The major attraction in this fair is \'The Rath Yatra\' on Baisakh Krishna Dwitiya, where there is a huge procession in which the image of the deity is carried to the bank of river Gambhiri for \'Kailash Abhishek\' in a golden chariot (Rath) drawn by bullocks. There are hymns and religious songs in praise of Mahaveer Swami.

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