Neemrana Fort



Built In:

Year 1464


Historical Monument and Heritage Hotel.

Major Attraction:

Royal Designer Rooms and Paintings.

Best Time to Visit:

August to April.

Must See:

Jaipur is having many other forts and palaces like Amber Fort,Jaigarh Fort,Jalmahal and is a real treat to your eyes.

Major Attraction:

Fort View and Royal Courtyards.

Built since 1464, Neemrana Fort-Palace became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who had fled Delhi in 1192 after he was vanquished in battle by Muhammad Ghori. Neemrana's rulers, proud of lineage, continued to assert themselves, even under the British, as their kingdom suffered. Thus, their lands were clipped and given away to Alwar, Patiala, Nabha and others who entertained the viceroys of the Raj with shikar and Champagne breakfasts. The Chauhans would bow to none.

In 1947, Raja Rajinder Singh of Neemrana moved down to Vijay Bagh as the façade of his Fort-Palace crumbled and its ramparts began to give way. For forty years he tried to rid himself of his liability but there were no takers.

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