Osiyan Fort



Built In:



Historical Monument and Heritage Hotel.

Major Attraction:

Royal Designer Rooms and Paintings.

Best Time to Visit:

August to April.

Must See:

Jodhpur is the near by big city of the place and is well known for its history and powers.Forts and palaces are the major attraction points.

Major Attraction:

Fort View and Royal Courtyards.

Historical records confirm the fact that Osian was a flourishing trade center and a great city under the reign of the Pratihara dynasty, though today Osian has been reduced to a mere desert oasis. You'll feel a haunting desert charm that envelops this quite village and get the distinct impression of having being transported back in time. Visit the Sun Temple, Sachia Mata Temple, Harihara I Temple, Kali Temple and the grand Jain temples that add to the historic flavor of your Osian tour with Rajasthan Holiday.

The Harihara I Temple enchants you with its exquisite sculptures and frescoes depicting Lord Krishna frolicking with Radha. The most wonderful aspect of the richly chiseled temples at Osian is the fact that no two temples are the same with respect to architectural style. A profusion of delicately painted figures give you a fair glimpse of the lavish life of the Gujara Pratiharas, their beliefs and customs.

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