Sam Desert

Location: Jaisalmer District.
Must See: Sand Dunes and Sunset.
Near By: Jaisalmer is a big city near to this place.Forts,palaces and handicrafts are major attractions.
How to Reach: From Jaisalmer jeeps can be hired on sharing bases or can be booked by your hotel as well.

The Great Indian Desert or Thar Desert is generally known, is a fascinating area. It has taken its name from the word Tahl that in local dialect is the term for the sandy ridges of the dunes. The Thar Desert in spite of the inhospitable climate is not an endless stretch of sand, devoid of life and vegetarian. It is a living and dynamic eco-system. It is actually one of the most populous deserts of the world. In order to preserve its geo-morphological features, fauna and flora and to continuously study and understand their ecology under undisturbed desert conditions, an area of about 3,126 sq. kilometers.

The plants in the desert also have to adopt various strategies to endure the intense heat, bitter cold and long dry spells. To reduce the water by evaporation the leaves of these plants are reduced in size, as is the case of khejri (Prosopis cinerara) with relatively few stomataon them. Some species like kair (Cappairs dedicua) and phog (Calligonum polkygonides) do away with the leaves altogether and develop stomata on the green stems which perform the work of photosynthesis. Sevan is one of the hardiest plants to grow in the Thar Desert. This perennial grass can stand long periods of drought.


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