Rajasthanis create heavenly jewel boxes, hand mirrors, tiny containers, and curios in silver, many a time encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones. The unaffordably high price of gold makes it difficult and economically unfeasible to produce objects of beauty from this metal. But gold plating of silver articles is widespread. The zari work or embroidery done with gold and silver threads also is a big industry and one that is in use in most areas of Rajasthan. Again the gold threads are mostly silver threads that have been dipped in gold solution. Although iron and zinc are also used, they are hardly ever used for decorative purposes, it is almost always for utilitarian ones. The water containers of Rajasthan, made from zinc is an exception. This has beautiful engraving on it.

Tarkashi or the inlaying of metal wire, for which Rajasthan is renowned; the Minakari and Thewa jewellery of Rajasthan which is a unique combination of gold, silver, enamel and green glass.

The princely states of India demanded not only enameled jewellery but also enameled utensils such as wine-cups, finger bowls, pillboxes etc. in both gold and silver repousse, sometimes studded with jewels. The craftspersons of Rajasthan excel in this art. With the evolution of new tools, techniques and skills, they are now better equipped to cater to modern tastes.

Fully geared to meet modern market demands, today the gold and silver plated articles produced are usually plain or even when ornamented are devoid of extensive encrustation. Portions of silver articles are sometimes covered with gold water.

Traditional silver articles like handas or water containers, spice bottles, baskets and trays are popular overseas white metal articles too, command sizeable export markets.

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