Taragarh Fort



Built In:

12th century


Historical Monument.

Major Attraction:

Forts and Towers.

Best Time to Visit:

August to April.

Must See:

Pushkar is the near by city to this place.Pushkar is famous for its one and only one Brahma temple.A perfect place for relaxing.

Major Attraction:

View from Hill top is worth capturing.

Taragarh or the 'Star Fort', this 12th century fort stands on a hill top and situated three kilometers and a steep 1 and a half hour climb beyond the Adhai-Din-Ka-Jhonpra Mosque. As it is situated on a height, it commands a spectacular view over the city.

The fort was built in the year 1100 A.D., by Ajaypal Chauhan, the town's founder. The fort was the site of much military activities during Mughal times and was later used as a sanatorium by the British. The fort houses massive reservoirs which are carved out of the solid rock and the Bhim Burj which is a huge crenellation on which rests the canons.

The birds view is a good option to explore the splendor of this lovely fort. The three gateways of the fort Taragarh in Ajmer are namely Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza and Gagudi ki Phatak.

The fort also has the talismatic tunnels under it which were used by the king and his generals to escape in case of abrupt attack.

prime attractions of the Taragarh fort

Water reservoirs:


The water reservoirs built in the fort were used for the storage and supply to the public in case of water scarcity. The full release of the water from the water reservoir is said to wash away the people residing below.

Bhim Burj and Garbha Gunjan:

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The cannon named as Garbha Gunjan which was of a massive size was housed under the Bhim Burj which is a stone tower within the precincts of the fort. It ranks second in size in India.

Rani mahal:


Taragarh fort, Ajmer also has the Rani Mahal which is the small palace for the wives and the paramours of the king.

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