Rajasthan's Terracotta tradition, dating back to the Indua Valley Civilization, continues today in all parts of Rajasthan.

Utility items like jars, water-pots, urns, and utensils are prepared from unglazed red terracotta and exhibit miraculous elegance despite their simplicity.

Images and plaques of Hindu delities, mounted warriors, caparisoned camels and tiny lamps are to name a few of the popular terracotta creations.

An age old craft in Rajasthan saw dust, mashed and mixed finely with mud and clay in a semi solid paste on which the image is sculpted and later dried and polished in colour retaining its natural hue, they make best of decorative items with authentic ethnicity.

Every village and community has its potters, and the pots for everyday use along with other storing vessels , hookahs, chillums, coin-banks ,pickle jars,etc...

Places where they made are:


for paper thin kagji pottery.


the potters make tiny bells with clay that resound like their bellmetal counterparts.


known for its painted pottery tinted with lac colours..


stone wares

Molela (near Udaipur)

wall plaques generally depicting the images of Heroes or the religious ones.

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