Fragrant and fairly beautiful, sandalwood carvings come in a range of objects and themes-ranging from caravans of tiny camels to decorate a mantelpiece to key chains, paper knives and trinket boxes.

The art of inlay enhances the natural sheen of wood by juxtaposing it with other material. It involves embedding plastic, bone, other varieties of wood and metal into flat wooden surface. This craft is used to decorate chair - backs, table tovs and smaller items like trinket boxes.

Particularly breathtaking in this category is 'taarkashi' or wire inlay where delicate loops of brass or copper set off the dark, polished surface of wood. Another method of decorating wood is by using colored lacquer.

Tradionally accepted in Udaipur, the items produced include tables, teapoys, lamps and decorative items in beautiful designs and soft shades.

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