While traveling in Rajasthan, India is completely safe and enjoyable, it would be better to take certain basic precautions on your Fascinating Rajasthan Tour. Fascinating Rajasthan suggests some travel tips to make your journey in India a pleasant experience.


  • VISA: Foreign Tourists visiting India require a valid Tourist Visa issued from the Indian Embassy. Make copies of your passport, visa and other important documents and keep them separate from the originals. As a precautionary measure carry the originals with you at all times.
  • MONEY: There is no limit fixed for foreign currency that visitors can bring while touring India.
  • FOOD: All standard restaurants offer a variety of cuisines including Continental, Chinese, Indian and typical Rajasthani fare.
  • WATER: Mineral water is available in sealed bottles at all locations. Water sold in sealed plastic bottles is perfectly safe to drink. Look for established brand names such as Bisleri, Aquafina or Kinley and check the seals of bottles before drinking. It is not advisable to drink water from streams, lakes or dams.
  • SUN: The sun can be very harsh during summers in Rajasthan, India. It is advisable to carry sun block lotions during summers. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen, goggles, and a hat or scarf.
  • CREDIT CARDS: All international credit cards such as Diners, American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in hotels, shops and other commercial establishments including the tour operators.
  • CURRENCY: The Indian currency is Indian Rupee (INR).
  • TIME: India’s standard time is GMT + 5:30 Hours
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Cyber cafes with Internet and phone facilities can be found all over India, so communication with family and friends back home is not a problem. Besides, all hotels have communication facilities.
  • DRUGS: Indian law prohibits carrying drugs and heavy punishments including imprisonment are there for offenders.
  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Police control room: 100, Fire station: 101, Ambulance: 101
  • TEMPLE CODES: Footwear inside the temple is not permitted in all the temples. There is arrangement for keeping your footwear in safe custodies while visiting religious places and monuments.


Consult your doctor before you start for India to ensure that you have had any required vaccinations or shots.
Be careful of con men or people posing as guides.
Exchange your money only from authorized moneychangers such as Thomas Cook or numerous Indian Banks, which offer this facility.
There are certain areas such as military sites, bridges and airports where photography is prohibited. Don’t break the rules.