The Bundi district of Rajasthan attracts tourist from all over the world. The destination provides tourist spots for both the foreign and domestic visitors. The place offers a unique culture with baoris , palaces & forts , lakes and the beautiful natural surroundings. Bundi is known for attractive step wells and tanks. These are about 50 in number and mark the town’s streets and bylanes. Interesting monuments including impressive medieval forts, palaces, ‘havelis’, temples and ‘chhatris’ with elegantly carved pillars, along with a picturesque lake in the heart of the town, add to its appeal.


  • LOCATION: Approx 200 KMs from Jaipur (South)
  • BY ROAD:  Well connected to all the cities within Rajasthan. Tourist taxis and buses are available from Jaipur and Kota.
  • BY TRAIN:  Kota, 36 km is the nearest railhead.
  • BY AIR: Nearest airport is Jaipur, which is 200 Kms.


  • AREA : 5550 sq km
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT : October to March
  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN : Rajasthani, Hindi, English
  • MAJOR ATTRACTIONS : Taragarh, Chattar Mahal, Ratan Daulat, Chitrashala


Taragarh (The Star Fort)

The fort was built in 1354 A.D., and is one of the most impressive forts of Rajasthan. Located on a thickly wooded hill is a marvelous white fort with a huge reservoir which once supplied water to the palace.

The Palace

This magnificent edifice showcases the Rajput architecture. The palace houses some of the superb Bundi murals

Chhattar Mahal

A steep, paved carafe-way is the only way to reach the monument. Of special interest in the palace is the Hazari Pol or Gate of the thousand, the Naubat Khana, the Hathi Pol with its old water clock and the Diwann-e- Aam.


This is an interesting pavilion and a gallery of miniature murals adorn the palace. Elaborate colorful paintings on the walls depict scenes from the ‘Ragmala’ and ‘Raaslila’-the Radha-Krishna story.